Students in trouble for underwear dance


January 19, 2018
File photo For the more risque man, either of these thong briefs could light a fire in the bedroom.


An underwear-dance video filmed in a college dormitory nearly got some Russian cadet pilots expelled and sparked a discussion among Russia's political elite.

The mock striptease recorded by cadets at the Ulyanovsk Civil Aviation Institute went viral earlier this week.

Some Russian politicians called on the public training school to expel the students.

The Federal Agency for Air Transportation decried the video as an "immoral incident" and an "insult to civil aviation professionals."

The students' all-male rendition of the official video for Benny Benassi's Satisfaction showed a dozen freshmen wearing boxer shorts, boots, chest straps, and cadet caps, thrusting their hips to the beat as they walked around the dorm, mopped the floor, and ironed their shirts.