Chicago West ... Kim Kardashian unveils baby name


January 20, 2018
Kim Kardashian West, (left) and Kanye West.

Chicago West will have her own sandwich named after her.

The little tot the youngest daughter of Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West may have only been born on Monday but she has already been subjected to life in the spotlight after a popular food truck promised to name a new food item on their menu after her.

Dave and Mellissa Chester, who run the Seattle-based food truck called Chicago West, told The Blast: "We at Chicago West are so honoured that Kim and Kanye would consider naming their child after our food truck. We didn't see them at the truck, but feel this must be a nod to our amazing Chicago Beef Sandwich."

The couple also confirmed they would be introducing a new item on the menu called BabyWest later this year.

Kim and Kanye announced the name of their third child who was born on Monday via a surrogate on the reality star's app and website and Kim had previously used the platform to publicly thank her surrogate for carrying Chicago.