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January 24, 2018
Iggy Azalea
Actress Pamela Anderson
Recording artiste Elton John

international news

Pamela Anderson urges women to protect themselves

Pamela Anderson thinks women should do more to protect themselves against sexual predators.

The 50-year-old actress has experienced harassment during her time in the movie business, but Pamela claims she's managed to avoid awkward encounters by adopting a common-sense approach, and she's urged other Hollywood stars to follow suit.

Asked whether she's experienced harassment during her career, the former 'Baywatch' actress who has sons Dylan, 20, and Brandon, 21, with former husband Tommy Lee explained: "Harassment? Yes. It's Hollywood. But I always knew my mother would tell me not to get into a car with strangers, not to go to a hotel room alone.

"I just had this common sense feeling of how to protect myself. And I think that because of the business I was in, I was in Playboy, I was very cautious of that ... people maybe getting the wrong impression of me.

"I do believe that people have been victims of this, innocently. And the perpetrator is always at fault. But we also need to remember to not put ourselves in these situations, as women."

Pamela sympathises with the victims of the Hollywood sex scandal, which came to light in 2017.

However, she still believes in "love and chivalry", and doesn't want the fallout from the scandal to impact true romance.

Speaking to an interviewer on the 'Victoria Derbyshire' she, Pamela explained: "I think we still need to be careful what we wish for. I still believe in romantic love and chivalry.

Iggy Azalea shares love for chicken nuggets

Iggy Azalea would rather be single than not have chicken nuggets in her life.

The 27-year-old rapper took to Twitter to express her delight after getting 20 nuggets by mistake after ordering 10 at a fast-food restaurant, and asked her followers to decide what's more important never eating chicken again or being single forever but allowed "late night creep situations".

Iggy admitted it would be "insanity" to vote against delicious poultry because "chicken is the only stable lasting relationship" she's had.

She wrote: "I ordered a 10 piece nuggets and they gave me a 20 piece by mistake.

"I now have conclusive evidence good things are coming my way.

"What am I gonna do with 20 entire chicken nuggets, honestly I feel so rich now.

"I have several important e-mails to respond to, but instead I'm gonna come on Twitter and tweet about chicken nuggets because I love them.

"Chicken is the only stable lasting relationship I've had, so I can't vote against it. Sorry. That's insanity. (sic)"

Iggy was previously engaged to Los Angeles Lakers basketball star Nick Young but she called off their engagement after catching him cheating in her.

The Black Widow hitmaker seems to be moving away from settling down in a stable relationship as she recently admitted her broodiness for a baby disappears when she thinks about diaper duty.


Elton John tackles inequality

Sir Elton John hit out at "disgraceful" inequality as he collected an award at the World Economic Forum for raising awareness of human rights issues.

The 70-year-old music icon who founded the Elton John Foundation, which funds programmes for HIV/AIDS prevention, in 1992 joined actress Cate Blanchett and Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan in receiving a Crystal Award at the annual meeting in Switzerland.

Addressing the delegates in Davos last Monday, Sir Elton said: "The world needs to be changed the inequality in the world is, to be honest, disgraceful."

The chart-topping singer also admitted that his philanthropic work has actually given him more joy than his career achievements.

He told the conference which is attended by executives, politicians and celebrities that they should "never turn a blind eye to suffering".

He continued: "You've all made it, baby. But what are you making? What worth does it have if it does not strengthen the bonds of humanity? If we are not seeking to change the world for the better through our work, what is the point of coming here? Yes, there is glory perhaps, fame and prestige. There is wealth, too. But for what?

"Good work gives you something bigger than fame, richer than wealth, finer even than prizes."