Weird News


January 24, 2018

Weird News

An air hostess was left embarrassed after her dog found a pink dildo during their morning walk and refused to drop it.

Sophie McGrattan was walking her pet pooch Bella in the morning when she found the unusual object in the street and Sophie who refused to throw it for her pooch had to explain to passers-by that it wasn't hers.

Sophie told the Metro newspaper that she walked past a group of builders, who were shouting at her.

"It's embarrassing the amount of people that think it's mine."

A man became a laughing stock after asking for a "poop knife" at a friend's house.

The unnamed man thought the concept of a piece of cutlery used to cut up stool was a normal everyday household item, until he went to the toilet at a friend's house to find it was only his home.

Writing on Reddit, he wrote: "It's been a day or two between poops and I'm over at my friend's house. I excuse myself and lay a gigantic turd.

"I look down and see that it's a sideways one, so I crack the door and call out for my friend. He arrives and I ask him for his poop knife. 'My what?'

"Obviously he has one, but maybe he calls it by a more delicate name. A fecal cleaver? A dung divider? A guano glaive? I explain what it is I want and why I want it.

"He starts giggling. Then laughing. Then lots of people start laughing. It turns out, the music stopped and everyone heard my pleas through the door.

The man then carried on and explained that it seems to be "genetic" that his whole family has "giant logs of crap.

"Growing up, this was a common enough occurrence that our family had a poop knife.

"It was normal to walk through the hallway and have someone call out, 'Hey, can you get me the poop knife?'

"I thought it was standard kit. You have your plunger, your toilet brush, and your poop knife."