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January 25, 2018
Kanye West (left) and Kim Kardashian West
Cleveland's LeBron James
50 Cent

international news

Kim Kardashian West wants fourth child

Kim Kardashian West is reportedly thinking about having a fourth child a week after welcoming her third.

The 37-year-old reality star and her husband, Kanye West, became parents for the third time when their surrogate mother gave birth to a baby girl, who they have named Chicago, last week, and it has now been revealed that Kim is already speaking to the woman who carried Chicago about hiring her to carry another child for the pair.

Speaking of Kim who already has four-year-old daughter, North, and two-year-old son, Saint, both of whom she carried herself a source said: "Even before Chicago was born, Kim was talking about asking the surrogate to carry her next baby.

"She's so happy with the whole process and thrilled with the surrogate. Kanye was even bonding with the surrogate's husband in the delivery room.

"Kim definitely wants more kids. She is so happy being a family of five. She wants the family to get even bigger!"

And the star's 40-year-old rapper husband Kanye is said to be on board with the idea of expanding their brood even further.

The source added to People magazine: "It's true that he was really the push for baby number three because he loves kids and wants a lot."


LeBron inspires Drake

Drake says LeBron James is one of his biggest inspirations.

The chart-topping rap star has hailed the NBA star after he passed the 30,000 career points milestone, and Drake has admitted he regards LeBron to be one of his heroes.

He shared: "Seems like every time we look up, you're setting another milestone or breaking another record, and I always tell you that you're one of the most inspirational people in my life."

In fact, Drake said that LeBron's career achievements encourage him to go into the studio and make new tunes.

He told Billboard: "Every time you do something like this I always try to get in the studio and make the song that would go with the moment."


50 Cent made millions from bitcoin

50 Cent reportedly made millions out of bitcoin before it became truly popular.

The chart-topping rap star accepted the cryptocurrency as payment for his album Animal Ambition in 2014 - and the gamble has paid off in spectacular fashion, with the rapper making millions on the back of it.

50 Cent reportedly earned 700 bitcoins through the album, and as the value of the currency has increased over time, he is set to pocket a healthy profit when he does come to cash in his coins.

He could, in fact, make as much as US$8.5 million through the venture, according to TMZ.

The New York-born rap star - who has made millions through his music and acting ventures recently claimed that it's easy to make a hit record.

He said: "Simplicity is a big key to hit music. Don't overthink things, just organically see what you feel when the production comes in. Like (the lyric), 'Go shorty, it's your birthday.' It's not rocket science. It's a simple statement.