Weird News


January 26, 2018

A surgeon is creating a bionic vagina using the intestine of a pig.

The artificial organ was developed by using the farm animal's tissue alongside the stem cells from a patient.

The groundbreaking project is being led by scientist Alexander Seifalian, and it could help transform the lives of women with vaginal disorders and those suffering with vaginal cancer or injuries.

Although only at an experimental stage at the moment, Seifalian is currently working on perfecting the female reproductive organ at his London-based bioscience laboratory, NanoRegMed.

Seifalian's work follows on from Dr Anthony Atala in the US, who, along with his team, grew artificial vaginas and implanted them into four teenage patients between 2005 and 2008.

Sleep talking is likely to cause offence, according to new research.

The condition where you shout out words while you sleep is more common among children and males, but a new study by Dr Isabelle Arnulf has revealed some of the things people are likely to say.

The investigation into sleeping habits saw 232 adults recorded over the course of a few nights, and it found that the most common word was 'no', but 22 per cent used 'nasty' language while they were getting shut-eye.

Dr Anulf told MNT: "What we now know is that sleep talking is very similar to talking awake, in terms of correct grammar, with subordinate sentences, and silence for others to answer, as in awake turn of speech."