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January 27, 2018

Unclean belly buttons can lead to cysts erupting. Bacteria from sweat, dead skin, or dirt can be left to grow in the folds of skin, and if personal hygiene isn't good, an unpleasant smell can turn into a combination of redness, itching, and swelling.

According to experts, the best way to avoid this condition also known as candida is to wash and dry the belly button area daily.

Candida is also found in the armpits and groin and left untreated, erupting cysts, blisters, and pus will form.

Anyone with belly button piercings or who is overweight is at an increased risk of getting the infection as the area is harder to clean, according to The Sun Online.

Women are now able to have their vaginas whitened. In December, it was reported that men were splashing the cash to have their penises whitened, and now it seems a hospital in the Philippines is offering the procedure to ladies too, the Mirror Online reported.

Celebrity cosmetic surgeon Vicky Belo is offering the new treatment, which is done using lasers, and promises to remove the dark skin from the intimate areas.

The procedure also has other benefits, and can tighten, clean, and relax the vaginal area.

Women are advised to have around three sessions and a three-to-four-day recovery period, but the treatment is a whopping PS700 (J$123,000).

A man stuck his wet shoes and socks to an iron gate.

The gentleman whose identity is not known was determined to prove how cold it was in northeastern China that he posted a video of his belongings glued to the bars.

The man said in the clip: "Let me show you how cold it is in the northeast."

He then poured water on to the ground in front of the gate and walked through it before placing his foot against the bars and lunging backwards leaving the boot firmly stuck to the gate.

He continued doing this with his other shoe and then did the same with his socks.

However, the below-freezing temperature and lack of clothing clearly got the better of him, as he was left whimpering.

A dog was found stuck in mud six days after he went missing.

Toby, a border collie, swam 200 metres across the River Tyne in England. He was exhausted and covered in seaweed when he was rescued by firefighters, the Metro reported.

His owner, Chris Knowles, was amazed when he discovered that the 14-year-old pooch had swam the breadth of the river.

He said: "There's life in the old boy yet. With his age, I thought I wasn't going to get him back. I thought the worst; I feared that would have been it and I wasn't going to see him again. It was a total surprise because he has never been a swimmer.

"As a pup he was afraid of the sea. It's possible he fell in and was carried some way by the tide. I am amazed by it."

Toby was covered in cuts and bruises, and had lost a lot of weight.

Chris believes his "best friend" ran out of the house when his door was flung open because of the windy weather, and he spent five hours wandering the streets trying to find him.

When someone got in touch about Toby, Chris said: "I dropped my phone when I got the call. It was like Christmas and all my birthdays had all come at once.

"He's my life. my dogs are my children and he's my best friend."