weird news


January 31, 2018

KFC has made history by having the first woman ever to play Colonel Sanders.

Country singer Reba McEntire has become the first lady to take on the role of the chain's founder in its 90-year history, the Evening Standard reported.

Known for her songwriting and TV and film roles, Reba dons a white wig and facial hair in the new adverts, which are set to air in the US next week.

Wearing the iconic white suit of the Colonel, Reba sings: "I'm Colonel Sanders, the same as always. I'm definitely not a woman."

Reba will appear in the adverts up until the end of April and is set to promote the new Smoky Mountain BBQ a burger filled with the chain's famous recipe.

Sanders started the restaurant chain back in 1930, and ran it up until his death 36 years ago. But, each year since 2015, the company resurrects the Colonel by enlisting the help of some famous faces including Rob Lowe and Ray Liotta.

Reba also teased in a Twitter post that she is taking over as Colonel. She posted a picture of the back of her head with his white cowboy hat next to her and a picture of him.

A supermarket caused a frenzy after slashing Nutella by 70 per cent.

The French chain Intermarche cut the price of the chocolate-spread brand and hundreds of people rushed to the shop to stock up on as much as they could.

A video was posted online showed the long queues forming outside as people patiently waited to get inside and get their hands on several jars of the spread.

An employee told local media: "People just rushed in, shoving everyone, breaking things. It was like an orgy. We were on the verge of calling the police."

The chain which has now apologised to customers usually sells Nutella for PS3.90 (J$700), but the discount jars were going for around PS1.24 equalling at around J$250.

A man was left traumatised after a cabbage flew into his windscreen.

Tony Eccles, who lives in Spalding, England, was left in shock when the flying vegetable smashed against the glass of his plush BMW after it flew out of a passing tractor, cracking the expensive car, the Metro reported.

Luckily, he was able to claim PS300 (J$53,000) on his insurance, so he was able to get his screen fixed.

He said: "You wouldn't think a cabbage would cause that much damage.

"It was absolutely terrifying. it's the sort of thing that gives you a real jolt.

"Out of the corner of my eye I saw something come off the trailer, and then there was this massive crashing sound.

"It cracked the windscreen right away and went right through which is quite something because it's laminated glass.

"It's frustrating having to pay to have it fixed, but the reality is that it could have been a whole lot worse.

"If it had hit a pedestrian or a cyclist, it could have been a very serious injury, given the force with which it smacked into the windscreen.

"There was nowhere for me to pull over, and I was very conscious of the fact that there was a car right behind me.

"I kept driving to pick up Jessica, and then had a look at it after I parked up. I couldn't believe how deep the crack goes. I can feel how rough it is around the edges of it."