Weird News


February 19, 2018

Weird News

A man has been arrested after allegedly hiding a large amount of drugs in a pair of fake buttocks.

The Brazilian, not named for legal reasons, is believed to have used two cushion-like implants attached to a pair of swimming shorts to hide 1kg worth of cocaine, but his pants plan was foiled at Lisbon Airport in Portugal.

As reported by Sky News, it's not clear how police discovered the fake butt, but officers have said the amount found was the equivalent of 5,000 individual portions of the class A drug.

Later, a different man was taken in by police at a train station, under suspicion of being the one to receive the cocaine.

Spotting a gender of an unborn baby can be identified in the grainy scans. When expecting a child, soon-to-be parents wait for the 20-week period which is usually when the gender of a baby can be revealed.

However, there are hundreds of old wives' tales which have been used to try and distinguish what gender of the unborn baby is, but now a list has been compiled showing the actual ways to find out.

In the ultrasound if there is an absence of a penis, it does not mean that the baby will be a girl, says VeryWellFamily, due to the penis and clitoris being roughly the same size at this stage of pregnancy.

For a boy, one of the signs is the turtle sign which is when the technician can see the tip of the penis peeking out from behind the testicles.

But for some other scans it is easier to see than in others.

For a girl, it is the hamburger sign where the sonographer will be looking out for three lines showing the external female genitalia.

A customer was left fuming after an Amazon Alexa device accidentally ordered cat food after hearing an advert on TV.

The advert reportedly triggered the device to begin the order and the customer complained to the advertising watchdog and dubbed it "socially irresponsible" the 'Metro' reported.

Originally screened last October, the advert features people using the technology in different situations, and the customer's device reacted after a man could be heard saying: "Alexa, reorder Purina cat food".

Despite complaining, the Advertising Standards

Penguin parents were serenaded with violins and fish supper to celebrate Valentine's Day. A pair of Gentoo penguins at the National Sea Life Centre in Birmingham celebrated their love for each other with a special performance by a violinist from the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire.

The two penguins became parents last year and have been raising their young chicks Hulk and Dumpling, but lacked the time for romance due to the demands of parenting.

Now Arabel and Pablo the penguins were treated with a special date to celebrate Valentine's Day, but the rest of the colony followed to see what the fuss was about.

Jonny Rudd, curator at the National Sea Life Centre, said: "Every parent knows it's hard to get time alone once a little one comes along."

The two chicks are the first to hatch at the centre as part of the global breeding programme.