Soaps Previews


February 23, 2018
Kristian Alfonso as Hope Williams Brady on the daytime soap, 'Days of Our Lives'.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Hope and her team met to discuss the Hope for the Future relaunch. Katie was happy to learn that Thorne would be collaborating with Hope. Wyatt and Bill argued about whether Bill deserved Liam's forgiveness. Hope was forced to stifle her feelings when Liam shared some important news with her. Brooke offered Katie comfort over her break-up with Wyatt. A secretly thrilled Quinn did her best to offer kind, motherly advice to Wyatt during his time of heartache. Sally demanded that Bill do right by Spectra. Wyatt met up with Katie, and the two realised they were victims of Thorne's interference. Steffy was worn down by her father's rage towards Bill. Sally expressed her anger at Bill reneging on the deal that Liam made with Shirley and Saul. Watch for: A broken-hearted woman becomes wary that her rival is vying for her estranged husband's heart. A wife is overcome with worry. An overprotective mother vows to protect her son, no matter the cost.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Billie was rushed to the hospital. Tripp and Ciara found themselves in grave danger. Kayla tried to keep Steve in the dark. A hostage situation turned deadly. Steve and Tripp shared a heartfelt reunion. Marlena comforted a guilt-ridden John. Eric and Jennifer had a tense run-in with Brady and Eve. Maggie learnt of Victor and Brady's plan. Kate ripped into John for putting Billie's life in danger. Chad warned Stefan to stay away from Abigail. A fed-up Maggie walked out on Victor. Lucas shared a warm moment with Will. Abigail made an unexpected move regarding Stefan. Watch for: Kayla has grim news for Steve. Claire confides in Marlena about Rafe's infidelity. Vivian asks Victor to form an unconventional partnership.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Jason was pitted against Drew. Anna paid Maxie a visit. Peter changed his mind at the last minute. Alexis was caught off guard. Sonny confided in an old friend. Molly lashed out. Monica surprised Michael. Olivia stood by her man. Drew looked to Curtis for help. Kim stepped in. Alexis ended up in a precarious position. Anna made a promise. Sam looked out for a friend. Peter appealed to Lulu. Kim asked a favour. Jason looked to Peter for help, but Peter knew more than he let on. Ava's gallery was threatened. Nelle was ready to take the next step. Alexis met with Brad. Sonny confided in Epiphany. Griffin called for help. Franco met with Kevin. Anna was awkward around Finn. Kiki got the help she needed. Watch For: Tensions were running high at the PCPD. Franco struggled after having a nightmare. Scott and Kevin put aside their differences.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Chelsea had a hostile exchange with Phyllis. Later, Nick accepted Chelsea's proposal but accused her of rushing it when she demanded they get married right away. They agreed to a compromise of getting married in July, but starting the adoption process of Connor and Christian first. At Hamilton-Winters, Charlie copied files on to Devon's laptop. Devon was shocked to see that one of the files was footage of Juliet admitting that she lied about Cane sexually harassing her. Phyllis asked Sharon to help her dig up dirt on Chelsea. Sharon was hesitant until Phyllis told her that she was worried that Chelsea would ruin Nick's life. Later, a suspicious Mariah confronted her mother. Watch for: Victoria quizzes Reed about J.T.'s past. Billy charms Phyllis. A crisis unites Jack and Ashley.