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March 16, 2018

A man who received oral sex from a woman on a train was handed a criminal conviction and fined $700.

Shane Brennan from Sydney was travelling on a train when a woman came up to him and asked him if he would 'f**k' her, but he turned down her offer, The Illawarra Mercury reported.

However, when the woman started masturbating in the train, Shane allowed her to give him oral sex instead as no one was in the carriage. After finishing, Shane cleaned himself using Coca-Cola before leaving the train.

However, he was met by staff after he was caught on CCTV, and he pleaded guilty to wilful and obscene exposure and behaving in an offensive manner. He was handed a criminal conviction as well as a $700 fine.

Shane told Wollongong Local Court: "She was pretty horny and ready to go.

"I didn't know they had cameras throughout the train. As soon as the deed was done, I was out of there and off."

However, the woman was not apprehended, and Shane cannot believe that she didn't get in trouble for her behaviour.

He said: "She was the one masturbating. If she didn't offer me nothing, I wouldn't have f**king done it.

"You'd think the train guard would've said, 'Good on ya, mate'."

A man has spoken about waking up in the middle of an operation but being unable to tell doctors.

Fenn Settle, 25, was having an operation for a ruptured appendix, but found himself waking up after feeling sharp stabbing pains in his abdomen, Metro reported.

He also revealed that he felt like he was "choking to death on a bottle cap" because of the tube inside his throat.

After attempting to blink and wiggle his fingers and toes, he resorted to urinating on the operating table before he was put back under.

He said: "I went down for surgery, and everything was fine. I was put under but came round and felt like I had a bottle cap in my throat.

"I tried to spit it out but couldn't and felt like I was choking to death. Everything goes through your mind like, 'Are you going to see your family again?'

"I thought I was going to die and tried to hold my breath so I would pass out quicker. I then realised I could hear voices, the beep of the machines, and a stabbing pressure on my abdomen.

"I was able to figure out what was going on and that I was still in the operation. I couldn't move, I was paralysed. I tried to open my eyes, scream, wiggle my fingers and toes."

A manager accidentally filmed himself having sex with a junior colleague after forgetting to hang up his video conference call.

The video shows the manager of China's Southern Power Grid having sex with his colleague just five minutes after a call earlier that morning, which was attended by employees from across five different provinces, the Mirror Online reported.

The footage was first leaked over the weekend, but now it has been taken down from all social media websites by Chinese censors.

However, two employees a man surnamed Tang and a woman surnamed Wang have been arrested and face defamation charges as well as further punishment for spreading 'false rumours' after sharing the footage.

According to some sites, the manager has been named, but he is claiming he is being framed.