Weird News


March 19, 2018

Weird News

An office in Iceland has been forced to warn tourist that it is not a penis museum.

The Reykjavik's Icelandic Phallogical Museum gets thousands of visitors each year but The Reykjavik International Film Festival, which shares the same office space as the museum, was forced to erect a sign telling tourists that it's not the right place.

Jonatan Van Hose creator of the sign went on to tell Newsweek he had to act after being asked around three times a day.

He said: "It was on the second floor, so they'd come in through the two front doors, climb the stairs, somehow find my office, which was the closest to the door, and they would ask, 'Excuse me, is this the penis museum?'

"Some people were too embarrassed to ask about it."

A woman tried to get out of a driving offence by claiming she was Homer Simpson.

The woman from Milton Keynes was pulled over by the police earlier in the week after she was caught driving without insurance, and instead of showing officers her real driving licence, she handed over the licence of the beloved patriarch from the animated TV show, 'The Simpsons'.

Thames Valley Police posted a picture of the licence on Twitter and wrote: "The driver's car was seized and he was reported for driving with no insurance and driving without a proper licence. D'oh! (sic)"

Although fans of the show were quick to prove that the woman had got the date of the birth of the character wrong.

A lamb has been born the same size as a toddler.

The baby sheep named Billy has been dubbed the biggest-ever newborn lamb after weighing around 24.7lbs three times the weight of a normal lamb and his brothers from the same litter weighed just 4.4lbs, the Metro reported.

Farmer Steve Booth said: "It is the biggest one we've delivered and I've been doing this for 20 years. This is a fairly one-off thing but you never know, there could be a bigger one around the corner."

Steve, 59, also revealed Billy's birth was normal and said he thought it looked like an adult ram when the sheep was giving birth.

"The poor thing was stuck. His head and foot were popping out but his other foot was bent back inside his mother. He came out pretty easy considering his size," he said.

The idea that people can be fat and fit has been revealed as a myth.

A new major study by the University of Glasgow found that heart attacks, strokes and high blood pressure are likely to affect those with higher body mass index beyond 22 to 23 kg/m2.

A press statement read: "The risk also increases steadily the more fat a person carries around their waist."

Dr Stamantina Iliodromiti, who led the study of 300,000 people, said: "Any public misconception of a protective effect of fat on heart and stroke risks should be challenged."