Wehby says points to opportunities in tourism


March 20, 2018
Don Wehby

Government Senator Don Wehby has implored entrepreneurs to take advantage of the abundance of business opportunities resulting from the exponential growth of the tourism sector.

Speaking at the Tourism Service Excellence Awards ceremony at the Montego Bay Convention Centre on March 17, Senator Wehby encouraged small businesses, in particular, to participate in the sector, as the Government has provided an enabling environment for these types of enterprises to flourish.

"The tourism sector is expanding. Any growth in the industry will see an increase in job creation and economic growth. This improves the climate for further investments. We need to continue on the path of establishing linkages to spread and share the benefits. I want to encourage small and medium-sized businesses to support the industry, because it would benefit commerce for all," Wehby said.

"I think the current business environment is really, really good for small businesses to enter into the tourism industry, and let me tell you why. The Tourism Enhancement Fund has committed a $1-billion loan facility to assist small and medium-sized businesses ... you must take advantage of that," he added.

He also encouraged Jamaicans to forego overseas holiday travel and instead spend their vacations in the island's various resort areas.

"I would encourage all of us to have more staycations. We must enjoy the beauty of our country. Brand Jamaica is a gem and envy of the world. We have a lot to celebrate. TripAdvisor ranked Jamaica as the 12th best destination in the world in 2017 and one of the top three islands. I think that we can be number one," he said.