Weird News


March 22, 2018

Weird News

A prankster has been adding fictional locations on to roads signs across the United Kingdom.

Drivers heading on the various roads across the country will have noticed a number of new locations added to the signs including Middle Earth, Narnia, Gotham City and Neverland, the Sun Online reported.

Although comical, the Oxfordshire County Council has dubbed the act as "vandalism".

Didcot Mayor Jackie Billington said you can't tell the difference, as the signs are exactly the same font and look like normal street signs.

"I saw it online and thought I would go and have a look but I never made it to Middle Earth," he said. "I'm concerned that a tourist could be driving around for hours trying to find Gotham City."

A builder has nailed his penis to a block of wood as part of a dare.

The unnamed man accepted the challenge made by his colleagues and in footage taken on the day, the man takes out his private parts and places them on a plank on wood, the Sun Online reported.

One of his colleagues then fires a nail gun through his foreskin but although completing his dare, his colleague then removes the nail from the wood but it is still left in his penis.

He then pulls the nail through his own foreskin before celebrating completing the dare.