Weird News


March 23, 2018

Weird News

A little girl was determined to celebrate turning seven by having her birthday party in Ikea.

Jessica Proctor, who lives in Sheffield, loves the furniture store but her mum, Charlotte, has no idea where the fascination came from.

But it didn't stop the little girl penning a note to Ikea asking if she could celebrate her birthday there.

After receiving a letter back, the store said although it wasn't something they normally do, they wanted to make something possible for Jessica.

They were invited to the branch in their city and had exclusive use of the children's play area before tucking into of the store's famous meatball meals.

Charlotte said: "They were so good. It was really special, it was just lovely. The kids had a fantastic time. And seriously, the ball pool is amazing."

A couple have been filmed having sex in broad daylight on their university campus.

The raunchy couple decided to start having sex while they sat outside a large building at University of New South Wales in Sydney, and although thinking they were alone, they were in sight of their fellow classmates in the opposite building, the Metro reported.

A number of the classmates filmed the scene, which sees the woman climbing on top of the man as he sits back against the wall with his legs straight, and they can clearly be seen having sex for a number of minutes.

However, they are interrupted by a cameraman who tried to get a close-up. The woman seems to get shy after being caught, but the rest of the onlookers can be heard laughing and cheering the couple on.