weird news


March 29, 2018

weird news

Morrisons is selling Easter rabbits made out of butter.

The United Kingdom store has the unusual product a salted butter bunny for sale on its shelves, and a food blogger was left baffled by the quirky treat costing just PS1.

Claire Jessiman who spotted it in her local Morrisons in Aberdeen, Scotland told the Mirror Online: "I actually did a double take!

"I was very tempted to buy one, but didn't succumb... I'm a total sucker for a themed food item.

"Give me a toasted bunny crumpet with bunny butter and a cheese egg any day of the week."

The product is actually made by Dutch dairy company Buisman, who rank it as one of their most popular luxury seasonal releases.

The firm's website says: "In the Netherlands, our butter figurines are probably our best-known luxury products. Around Christmas and Easter, these figurines form centrepieces on the dining table."

A new rollercoaster will let thrill seekers charge their mobile phones by using their screams as a source of power.

Thorpe Park's 'The Walking Dead: The Ride' will be the first of its kind in the UK when it launches by Easter weekend.

It will allow riders the chance to drop off their phones before getting on, and then the electricity will be powered by the screams and vibrations generated during the scary attraction.

The man behind the idea, John Burton, suggested it was a good way to help out theme park visitors while making it all part of the experience.

He said: "It makes sense to harness our visitors' screams to solve a problem everyone faces losing the charge when we're on a day out."