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April 10, 2018
Kylie Jenner
Cardi B
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Cardi B and Offset looking forward to their "next chapter"

The 'Bodak Yellow' hitmaker confirmed she is expecting her first child with the rapper when she appeared on 'Saturday Night Live', showing off her baby bump under a tight fitting white dress, and they have also taken to social media to share their excitement at the happy news.

She wrote on Twitter: "I started winning when the whole world was doubting on me! think imma lose with my little baby counting on me?"

While Offset wrote in his own message on social media: "Cardi and I look forward together to our next chapter together."

Meanwhile, Cardi previously insisted she is working hard to make things better for her future children and wants to be able to give them all she can.

Klum embracing her age

Heidi Klum isn't "searching for a fountain of youth" and is "embracing" her age.

The 44-year-old supermodel who is known for her youthful looks doesn't believe in holding on to the past and is content with getting older and how her body will change.

She said: "My nose would grow like Pinocchio's if I said that I didn't feel some pressure about ageing, as I am constantly asked about it. I'm in the public eye, and there's more scrutiny because of that. I can look at photos of when I was 24, and of course I am going to look different now at 44 and having had four children but, again, it's about being comfortable with yourself and what you see in the mirror. I'm not trying to hold on to the past or searching for a fountain of youth. We are all going to age, so I'm trying to embrace that, but not without a bit of a fight."

Klum who has Helene, 13, Henry, 12, Johan, 11, and Lou, eight thinks confidence is "sexy".

She told Maxim magazine: "Confidence is sexy. There's something alluring about a person that just seems at ease and comfortable with themselves. It's something we should all strive for."

Baby brings Jenner, Scott closer

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have gone "full circle" since the birth of Stormi.

The 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star and her partner were said to have been going through a rough patch before the arrival of their little girl but their relationship is reportedly back on track now.

A source said: "Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are currently in the best place they have ever been in their relationship. Things really came full circle once Stormi was born and they now have an unbreakable bond. Travis has been fully accepted into the family and everyone is in love with their little family they created."

And the 20-year-old television personality is being "spoilt" by her beau.

Jay Z sees Kanye West as his "little brother"

The pair have been locked in a feud at times over the years but the 'Empire State of Mind' hitmaker insists he will always have a sibling-style relationship with the 'Bound 2' rapper.

Speaking to David Letterman on his My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman show, he said: "That's my brother. We're beyond friends. Like literally, my little brother is Kanye. And like your little brother, things happen sometimes. I have no problem [with him].

Meanwhile, Jay Z previously admitted he and Kanye will always have a "complicated relationship" because of the "little underlying competition" they have with each other.