Weird News


April 13, 2018

A naked man was caught on camera pacing around a gas station in Buenos Aires with a sex toy wedged up his bottom.

The experimenting gentleman turned heads as he ran around gas pumps screaming in pain with the dildo stuck between his buttocks.

The mystery man who is believed to suffer from a mental illness made no attempts to cover his penis as he ran up to paramedics.

The footage, which was captured by a witness who later posted it on social media, showed the man shouting and slapping his legs.

It's believed the man was taken away by the paramedics.

An artist spent 362 hours imagining scenes from the forthcoming wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for a display made entirely of nuts.

Steve Casino a self-professed nut artist was commissioned by snacks brand Plenish to create miniature replicas of the royal family.

Casino said: "When Plenish came to me asking to help them bring their idea to life, I was thrilled. The royals are loved in the US, and I admire the brand's ethos, so it was a super rewarding project to work on, albeit challenging. The Queen and Prince Charles were by far the best characters I've made yet!"

Kara Rosen, founder and CEO of Plenish, added: "We've searched long and hard to find someone capable of bringing our idea to life and can now confidently say we've met our match when it comes to being nutty about nuts! The nuts that go into our milks are treated like royalty, so it's amazing to see this brought to life!"

The royal nuts are available for the public to go and see until April 15 at Plenish's pop-up at London Coffee Festival.

A woman was left disappointed when her spicy meat feast pizza lacked the heat kick she wanted.

Ursula Jordan, from Sleaford, Lincs, was left fuming when she splashed out on a cheesy delight from convenience store Spar because she fancied some spice and realised when she got home that the calorific meal had only one jalapeOo a chilli pepper on it.

Taking to her Facebook account, she fumed: "Is this some kind of sick joke Spar? I was in the mood for some spice and got THIS."

But James Broderick from Little Italy saw her rant on the Let's Talk Sleaford Facebook page and offered her a free pizza to satisfy her spice craving.