Weird News


May 04, 2018

Weird News

A woman who sold her virginity for PS1 million has fallen for the man who bought her love.

Jasmine, 20, from Paris, had originally intended to use the eye-watering sum of money to fund her travels around the globe.

But things have actually worked out rather differently, with Jasmine admitting that they are now dating.

She explained: "I am happy that I sold my virginity, and I met the client already. I was a bit nervous, to be honest, but finally, I really liked him. He was a real gentleman and looked after me well. I don't want to go into details, but what I can say is that we are going to date each other again."

Ross Asdourian, 32, suffered a severe injury while he was having intercourse, admitting he could hear his penis popping and describing the pain as an "11 out of 10!"

The New York author explained on the 'Kyle and Jackie O' radio show: "We were having sex in what doctors call 'doggy style' position, and I came out and then went back in, and we both did that in equal but opposite force, and it caused a very audible 'pop'.

"I didn't really scream because if you've ever been in that real pain you don't really make much noise, some sound comes out of you, but it's not sustained."

An accident involving a mechanical digger led to a significant flood in a town in England.

A road in Wednesbury was flooded, with cars being submerged under water and houses being damaged, after a contractor on a mechanical digger damaged a water pipe.

Pete Aspley from South Staffordshire Water told the BBC: "It was quite a spectacular eruption.

"It was a contractor working on the electricity network on a mechanical digger that physically hit the main and led to catastrophic failure."

Water supplies were lost for around two hours after the incident occurred, and three schools in the area were temporarily closed.

A farmer was left stunned after he caught wild rabbits riding on the backs of sheep to escape flood waters.

Ferg Horne, 64, was left stunned after witnessing the strange occurrence when he went to rescue his neighbour's 40 sheep from the water at his farm in New Zealand.

The sheep were huddled together on a high spot of the farm's grounds, keeping the rabbits from drowning in the water by housing them on their backs. and although Ferg typically shoots rabbits that enter his farm, he decided to let them live after their quest for survival.

He said: "They'd showed so much initiative, I thought they deserved to live, those rabbits."