Rankin Pumpkin teach wi a lesson


May 29, 2017
Rankin Pumpkin

Everything about Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall Season 10 was extraordinary! From the contestants, to the performances to the very presence of Rankin Pumpkin! Her presence on the show added to the intrigue and suspense as to whether she would make it week after week.

Mi nah lie, mi haffi give her props for her tenacity and resilience because, though hindered by the language barrier, every week she come out wid a catchy chorus and do her ting! Rankin Pumpkin taught us some very valuable lessons this season, and one of the most potent one is the fact that unity is strength.

Nuff people a cuss and complain bout how come the Japanese reach so far inna the competition, yet dem never tek up dem phone and vote yet! Not even a one vote fi the contestant weh dem claim dem rate. Rankin Pumpkin 'nation' dem vote fi her, and support her, because at the end of the day is votes matter. Mi like the dynamics that she added to the show that caused many more persons to pay attention and actually vote instead of just giving lip service!

break mi heart

She and her 'nation' dem show we seh anyhow we did joke it out she could have won. It break mi heart, though, fi know seh it seems like the only time the Jamaican 'nation' dem come together a fi sports and bad mind! If a something negative and fi tear down or bring down smaddy, we nuh need no help fi spread the news! The amount a call and text wah people send pertaining to mix-up, if dem deh did use fi vote, every contestant woulda win!

Some people a seh she shouldn't reach so far inna the competition or shouldn't deh pon it. Magnum Kings and Queens is an all-inclusive talent show where all are welcome from yuh have yuh talent. Jamaica motto seh, "Out of many, One People".

That said, Japan is arguably one of the biggest markets that support reggae and dancehall music from long time. They embrace and value our culture, and truth be told, dem love and respect we culture more than nuff a who born inna it. So, we have to be careful how some people suggest to shut out people because they could in turn shut out our dancehall artistes and stop support we music.

Suspense save Skatta

Mi glad good sense prevail, and the two most deserving contestants won! Congratulations to the Magnum Queen Suspense and the Magnum King Symatic! Suspense save Skatta life because anyhow Pumpkin did win, him woulda haffi go sell taste and buy rat poison down a town or some camfaball.

Skatta woulda have black fits and dead! Di show did shot dah season yah, and mi just want fi big up unuh the fans weh support the show and keep us going! Mi glad fi see seh Digicel step up and give the second-place winner a money so dem no go home empty-handed. Di show did sweet like sugah!

Big up Vanzo and Rankin Pumpkin, and I hope to see and hear more from them. Mi also hope Jamaica and Jamaicans will support Suspense and Symatic careers and help give them a further push. Don't be a waggonist and a critic only when it's convenient. Put yuh money weh yuh mouth deh, and lend support from yuh heart! WHO VEX?! Mi nuh think nobody too vex cause most people happy wid the result. Big up unuh nice clean self and much love to all the contestants. Lalalalalalalalalalalalalala!

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