Why Jamaicans easy fi get bringle?


June 07, 2017

Some Jamaicans have a DNA problem. And I don't mean DNA as in 'deoxyribonucleic acid', the self-replicating material in living organisms that's the carrier of genetic information.

I mean DNA as in we too defiant, negative and angry. First, the defiance. Our men, especially, seem to have this strident defiance of all arrangements or engagements that require acceptance, agreement or acquiescence.

Our 'how to be a man' book says being manly means no submission.

So men defy rules and regulations. Whether simple rules of social interactions that allow us to share public space with respect and civility, or traffic laws designed to safeguard lives, we defy everything.

Men drive like there are no rules, talk extra hard, gesticulate violently and cuss gratuitously. Men play music on phones, on the bus, in cars and from the boxes in their houses, extra loud. Like really extra loud!

That's also partly why nuff man fraid a Church. We defying deference and submission!

I think the lure of defiance is one reason so many young men these days seem quick to claim atheism or agnosticism all when they don't really believe it, or suddenly declare adherence to ancestral worship when they don't even start to begin to fully understand it and in no way actually truly practise it.


It just gives them a platform from which to resist the Church. It gives them another place from which to decry and defy.

Second, we're negative! Nothing never too good, few faults haffi find. We spend much time engaging our mind around other people's bad mind while ignorantly cultivating our own bad mind.

We fart on favours, belch off blessings and take privileges for granted, while we whine and gripe and complain like petulant children feverishly foraging for faults and flaws in even the best situations.

And here's another, we're nasty. We unwittingly decorate our spaces with smut and muck. Wi lewd and crude and dutty! We unzip and urinate any and everywhere.

We live social lives that just generate garbage - mentally, spiritually and physically. Check the tons of cigarette butts, 'splif tails', empty Rizzla packets, liquor bottles and plastic in certain spaces.

And third, we're angry. We're all cross 'hangry' and miserable walking, talking, ticking time bombs. Just say 'feh', and we explode. We bad, bringle and bex wid di world. We always itching for a fight. Is what wrong wid we so?

How we so DNA?


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