A COLE WORL': Bad behaving cop a cause for concern


August 26, 2017

She did really look and sounded stress out fe true. It is the woman corporal of the Jamaica Constabulary Force mi a talk.

Her boisterous and unbecoming behaviour left a lot to be desired, worse she's a corporal. She is trained to be mentally, physically and emotionally ready to lead and inspire her juniors, but with how she carried on, left me worried.

With so many chaplains and peer counsellors across the Jamaica Constabulary Force, how did this situation reach the level it reached? What if this corporal had a side arm on her person, what would have been the outcome? Because even after being told several times to conduct herself more like 'Uptown Mondays', she continued on her 'Weddy Weddy' ways.

And you know, to me, the most disturbing part of the video that I saw was that police officers stood at the door and did nothing. I mean, they held the door for videoing of the outburst to have taken place. If this officer could've been so stressed out at work, imagine if she was placed on a mobile patrol duty to see about a domestic disturbance issue. Smaddy woulda probably get shot.

I am truly worried. We can't have stressed out police officers a serve a stressed out community, the country will get stressed out! On a different note though, I wouldn't mind knowing who trouble har and what the matey she spoke about looked like, because things sounded like Act One, Scene One from THE popular 'Matey Chronicles' to rahtid

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