BTS time again


August 30, 2017
Shoppers rush through the doors of Kingston Bookshop, located at 70B King Street in downtown Kingston in late August, as persons were busy making final preparations for the new school term.

Yes, yes, yes, howdy-do and God bless. It's time again for all of us to say BTS! What is BTS? For me, it means 'ba-bye to summer' as we get set once more to slip into sweet September.

Yeah man, soon it will be October and November and then delightful December. Those 'ber' months are especially sweet for me because they signal that the year will soon be over.

That usually also means that the time should soon start getting a little cooler.

BTS though, as in 'being totally serious', if you're among those who have to travel via public transportation, your commute will now go into the frustrating mode of BTS as it 'becomes traumatic suddenly'.

And that's because BTS also means 'buses totally scarce' because hundreds of students, teachers and other school staff are on the road dealing with their annual BTS, as in their 'boisterousness, trouble and stress' of BTS, which means 'back to school' for them.


Of course, for the many merchants around, those three letters also signify 'big time sales' as everybody does the last-minute rushing around trying to buy new bags, books and other educational supplies and get themselves decked out in new shoes, new clothes, new hair and other accessories.

As we return to the business of schoolwork, I really want to take this opportunity to encourage our young people to BTS, as in 'be top students'.

Strive for brilliance and work towards excellence. Plan and start working from the start of the term, towards ensuring that your end-of-term grades are exceptional.

Yes, youth and youth, it's a rough world out there and you only get one chance at being young, so try to dedicate more time and put more focus into making sure that BTS means 'bright, tenacious and serious'.

You young men especially, don't follow trends that encourage the harmful myth that manhood has to be characterised by being BTS, as in 'big, tough and sinister'.

And young ladies, tell yourselves that you are BTS as in 'born to succeed'. Stop chasing down fickle titles like 'hot' and 'sexy'. Trust me, those fade fast.

It's also cool, in fact much cooler, to be smart and brainy. Please don't allow yourself to be defined solely by your body image. Try and focus less on your looks and give more attention to your books.

Yeah peeps, the back-to-school season rolls in again. I'm wishing you more BTS blessings, triumph, success!

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