We can't let crime win in 2018


January 08, 2018
Crime scene

Mi want greet unnu in di mighty name of Jesus, all mi nice clean decent readers dem!

Wishing for each and every one of unnu and unnu family love, prosperity, abundance, guidance, and protection for 2018 and beyond.

I'm never one to want to bask in or highlight only the negative aspects of Jamaica, but mi think this crime rate has spiraled out of control.

Jamaica and Jamaicans have so much for which to be grateful yet a few bad apples a mek the whole a we look like savages.

We not having any ethnic cleansing or religious wars and at just day eight, we likkle island gone over 30 murders!

This on the heels of 1,616 homicides in 2017, a 19.4 per cent increase from 2016! No sah, after we no Iraq nor Afghanistan! Jesus wept!

There are so many things that many often take for granted for which we ought to be thankful.

Nuff parts a farin a freeze off, people a freeze to death because of the frigid unprecedented weather and bad to bad we have food, good weather and so many things going on for our island.

We a scare weh tourist and many Jamaicans live in fear because we no know when the scourge of crime may visit.


Mi a call pon all the prayer warriors to pray without ceasing, ask God for his divine intervention, and those at the helm of the country to make policy decisions that do not feed and fuel crime.

I'm calling on parents to give love to their children. Grow dem to respect others and value their life and people life.

The hopelessness that has gripped our nation is causing many who don't have anything to lose to brazenly impose themselves on others and deprive them of life.

Sometime mi wonda if nuff a dem so-called bad man and bad people never get no love and care?! Mi a wonda if dem never get no breast milk or Alacta one plus?!

No sah, no tell mi seh a so we get vile til dem no business if baby inna car dem a shoot it up same way! Mi heart grieve.

Mi naw stop seh until good family structure is celebrated and becomes the focus, nuff a di problems with which we grapple will not go away!

Family is the primary medium through which socialisation takes place.

Until good morals and values are instilled from the embryonic stages and stop grow pickney like wild beast, crime will forever plague us.

Let me hasten to say that everywhere has crime but crime and criminality is not the way of life everywhere.

Jamaica cannot continue on this path. We no haffi prove to nobody seh we bad or which parish badda!

Please let us all come together and do what we can from where we are to help stem crime.

A just pure love we fi a deal wid! Let '20-greateen' be splendid for us all and our island of Jamaica. One Love!

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