50 Cent mocks Rick Ross' album sales

December 11, 2015

Another episode is set to be installed in the ongoing feud between rappers 50 Cent and Rick Ross.


50 Cent interrupted a radio interview hosted by This Is 50 TV (also owned by 50 Cent) to poke fun at Rick Ross' eighth studio album "Black Market".


"Black Market, Def Jam, 34,000," he says, reading his phone. "Is that a rock or a brick?"


The rapper who was implying that Ross's album sales were low, also joked that Rick Ross' team bought copies of the album to boost the sales.


"And you know they went and bought some?" 50 Cent said, joking that Ross' label bought about 15,000 coopies of Black Market.


The feud between the two rappers has been taken to social media where fans of the two have enjoyed verbal clashes and jabs thrown by the two.


BET reports that 50 Cent isn't in a position to mock Rick Ross' album sales as he too suffered from poor album sales recently.


"Last year, Animal Ambition (50's last album), sold around 10,000 more copies than Ross’s debut numbers, and less than 130,000 copies as of December 2014," BET reports.


Rick Ross has not yet responded to 50's comments.



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