Jamaican Mafia versus bootleggers

December 14, 2015
File D'Angel (left) and Mykal Fox, who plays Zoo Zoo in 'Jamaican Mafia'.

Some cast members of the 'Jamaican Mafia' film may have taken cues from the movie's plot, making an adaptation to real life, having confronted an alleged United States-based bootlegger in a less-than friendly manner.

Since the premiere of the movie on November 27 at the Carib 5 cinema in Cross Roads, Kingston, a new wave of excitement surrounds the film. Following the posting of an amateur video to various social media networking sites, viewers have been sent into a frenzy.

The roughly eight-minute amateur tape posted to Facebook captioned 'Jamaican Mafia vs The Bootleggers, Part 1 The Big Take Back', does not disappoint.

In it, one of the movie's actors, Mykal Fox, who also co-wrote the film, is seen standing inside the suspected bootlegging establishment, believed to be located in Washington, DC, with a number of other men. A row ensued between the men and a staffer standing behind a counter, as the men demanded to speak to the person in charge.

"We heard that you've been selling Jamaican Mafia, and we're gonna take you guys to court," said Fox.

Showing documentation, Fox added: "It's a cease and desist ... .You see this? I'm Mykal Fox, and I'm gonna make an example out of you because you are selling my movie."

After speaking with the seemingly clueless staffer, the men soon discovered more content which they claim they have produced. The men spared no time in clearing the shelves of the content, plopping them all on the counter.

"These are all our productions," Fox said. "We made all these movies!"

Another man from the 'posse' stated: "Let me tell you this, the streets told us to come here. We didn't just come here coincidentally. We knew to come here! We're producers!"

Up until this point, the men had expressed their eagerness for the employee to reveal where the copies of the film were being stored, as they did not appear to be on the shelf. Not before long, the jig was up. The mother lode was discovered stored in cardboard boxes in a section behind the storefront. As the video drew to an end, the men threatened to call the authorities to report the apparent crime.

It's widely known that the practice of bootlegging diminishes the earning potential for copyright owners. In this particular situation, it is considered movie piracy from the duplication and street sales and retail sales of filmed entertainment.

Jamaican Mafia is a gangster thriller movie filmed in New York City in 2013.

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