Dancehall artistes who are now Christians

December 16, 2015
Lady Saw
Papa San

The recent announcement that the "Queen of the Dancehall" is now a "new servant of the Lord" has created quite a stir among local and international dancehall fans.


But Saw isn't the first dancehall artiste to convert to Christianity. Here is a list of dancehall artistes who have traded dancehall for the cross.

Stitchie                                                         "Fast And Pray"


Papa San                                                       "Pop Style"


Chevelle Franklyn                                          "Dancehall Queen"


Little Kirk                                                      "Weed Them Out"


DJ Snow                                                        "Anything For You" (Ft. Nadine Sutherland, Beenie Man, Buju Banton)


Little Meekie                                                 "Freaky Dance"


Daddy Meekie                                               "Lover Her Again" (Ft. Little Meekie)


Spanner Banner                                              "Life Goes On" 

(and his wife Suzie Q, former host of television shows Reggae Trail and Video Alley)  


Little Lenny                                                    "Healthy Body"


Chrissy D                                                         "Here Comes The Rain Again" (cover of original song done by Eurythmics)


Sasha                                                              "Still in Love With You" (done with Sean Paul)


Lady Saw                                                        "Heaven"




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