Meddy Ranks single generating attention


December 17, 2015
Contributed Meddy Ranks

Cultural reggae artiste Meddy Ranks has released a new single called Poor People Say Help, a combination track with up-and-coming artiste I Grow.

"There is a powerful message behind this song. There was a man called 'Caney' who introduced me to I Grow and sent us to do this song, and while we were in the middle of recording the song, we got a phone call that he was shot three times in the head and killed," the UK-based artiste said. "So this track has the touch of a death connection, so it has a certain kind of power. While I was on my way to the airport, I was playing the song over and over in the JUTA bus, and the

driver said that if I played the song one more time, he would start crying."

The track is already generating a lot of attention in UK and Europe.

Meddy Ranks is not only a reggae artiste but is a very active social worker, reaching out to young people in tough communities in the UK. His work was featured on BBC TV a few years ago when he played an instrumental role in creating an awareness campaign and event to aid the Birmingham Citizen Advice Bureau, which was on the verge of closing down.

"That event created national attention and millions was raised, but all I received was a thank you letter, but a just Jah works still," he said.

Born Allan Jackson, he grew up in Jamaica and he got involved in music at a young age through Sugar Minott's Youthman Promotion. In 2003, he migrated to Birmingham but still kept close to his roots.

"I have never forgotten my culture, I go back and forth to Jamaica. Music is my passion, respect every time," he said.

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