Extravaganza assists homeless in St Elizabeth

December 18, 2015
GT Taylor

A few days before the 15th staging of GT Taylor's Extravaganza next Friday at Independence Park, Black River, St Elizabeth, the effects of last year's concert will be felt in a more quiet way on the streets of the parish.

Under the St Elizabeth Care Committee, on Tuesday some of the money made in 2014 will be put towards assisting persons who, most likely, would not have been in the audience.

"We take care of the street people in the parish," GT Taylor, said. This includes making sure that they are cleaned up and given fresh clothing and food.

"We have nurses who come around and give them medical care."

"That is my pet project," Taylor said of the initiative, which has been taking place for the last three or four years. He said that while Extravaganza is not billed as being in aid of the programme, "whatever I do is funded from the show. At the end of it, we do what we have to do and prepare for the upcoming year ... . Things are always in the kitty to do something."

"We do it the week before Christmas every year. We prepare for that." It is not a solo effort, as Taylor said, "We ask for donations of clothing from all over."

While the St Elizabeth Care Committee is well established, Taylor plans to make another contribution to the parish, where he is also act as a Chamber of Commerce executive member.

"We want to make a donation to the St Elizabeth Cancer Society," he said.

Taylor intends to be more visible at Extravaganza this year, as he marshals a programme in which he plans for a continuous flow of music in what he describes as 360 Degrees in Reggae and Dancehall - integrating a stage show, party and sound system performances by selected artistes.

Taylor said it will be mostly younger artistes on the sound system. Many of the more established artistes will be performing with their band.

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