Iceman's Might As Well rising in Germany

December 18, 2015
Donald 'Iceman' Anderson

Donald 'Iceman' Anderson has high hopes for his single, 'Might As Well'. The song was released overseas recently and is doing well in parts of Europe, more specifically, Germany.

The singer is steadily building a fan base there. Late last month, the song peaked at number one on the Eldoradio play list in Dortmund, Germany, ahead of Don Minott's Time and Space and Don Bonn's Roots Revival.

According to the actor and comedian, Might As Well is about reality. He said the song is not a love song, a genre for which he has become well known.

"It's a conscious song talking about certain circumstances in life," he said.

"The first verse says, 'Living in a land where you just can't smoke. Babylon attack you like you snorting coke. Dem say 'wait until it legalise', that's a joke. Already we a smoke it, might as well'. So it's one of those reality songs. It's not just talking about marijuana, but social circumstances affecting our nation, Jamaica, that other people can relate to."

A video will be shot by his manager, Donovan Watkiss, on the Rock Star Entertainment label. In conjunction with the release of the video, the song's producer, Donovan Germaine of Penthouse, plans to release it here in Jamaica.

"He is going to release it locally, so it can get some circulation," Iceman said. The artiste also said he had a good feeling about the project.

"Who knows? The sky is the limit for this song. It's Iceman in a different way, not the lovey-dovey Iceman, not Iceman who is making a song for the ladies.

Sometimes when you get inspiration of another nature, you have to just put it out there because it's music, it's inspiration, it's creativity.

It's the artiste speaking his views on what is seen around him," the entertainer said.

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