Talia Soares lawyer at 23


December 19, 2015

For 23-year-old Talia Soares, being called to the bar is an intense accomplishment.

The popular Intense TV show host is officially a lawyer.

"Wow. It was a lot of work. Norman Manley Law School is not a walk in the park. You have assignments to hand in, deadlines to meet, you have to attend small claims court and offer your time at the legal aid clinic. I am very, very happy. I'm proud," Soares told the STAR.

One may wonder how she managed to balance books and travel all over Jamaica to cover parties for Intense.

"I am extremely grateful to my friends and colleagues because sometimes, you can't always be at class and they would help to keep me on my Ps and Qs. Study groups played a big part as well especially with exams. My family is extremely supportive. When it's exam time, I don't have to cook, clean or wash," an excited Soares said between laughs.

Soares recalled how at times, she would travel with her books, just to ensure she would be on op of her studies.

"I had to fly out one time and everybody else on the plane was sleeping except me. At like two-three o'clock in the morning, I'm writing out stuff and everybody else knock out and I'm there working. Persons came to me and told me I needed to sleep or my eyes would look puffy on camera but I had to do what I had to do," she explained.

Soares lauds Intense producer Sharon Schroeter for accommodating her throughout her course of studies.

And though she is pleased with this major milestone, perhaps Soares' greatest joy comes in the one she brought to her family.

"What makes me more content is that my parents have seen me past the worst. I've given them that comfort. I am happy that my family is happy for me and proud of me for this accomplishment. I'm very happy about that."

As a lawyer, Soares has an interest in intellectual property, entertainment and media.

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