DJ Madout bringing the party vibes


December 23, 2015
Contributed DJ Mad Out

Having risen to the top of his game, New York-based DJ Madout recalls that his journey was far from being perfect.

"I went through a lot of no sleep, no eating, locking in, and practising my craft day in day out. Networking was important for me. A lot of hard work, prayer and dedication," he shared.

DJ Madout is one of the hottest names on the party and club circuit in the Tri-state area. His style of playing music is one which he has perfected over the years.

"I bring a difference to any event that I am playing at. If I'm on the set, you definitely have to dance and enjoy yourself. If you come to the party after having a bad day, it's my job to ensure that you forget the bad day," he added.

DJ Madout's (real name Jermaine Ricketts) is of Jamaican parentage. His uncle is respected artiste-tour manager Copeland Forbes. "I got the name DJ Madout from high school days because I always went the extra mile on anything that I did," he explained.

Apart from being a DJ, he also promotes events within the Tri-state area.

"My second love is promotion. I keep one of the biggest parties each year in New York City. I am also working on a music project, which should be coming out early next year," DJ Madout


DJ Madout will be in the island for two weeks during the Christmas period. He is scheduled to play at a number of events, including White Diamond Anniversary in Negril as well as at a New Year's eve event in Mandeville called Vive.

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