Trimma set to Shine


December 24, 2015
Contributed Trimma

Recording artiste Trimma has set the streets abuzz with his latest hit singles 'Bedroom ah Road' and 'Work featuring Pethrol', which has been receiving widespread favourable rotations.

Trimma, who is a part of the KrimeMusicGroup/KMGLondon, has penned several songs that strike a balance with reality as the messages in his songs are based on social commentary, speaks to daily living and looking towards the future.

For Trimma, born Kenyato Johnson, music is a natural talent as he was exposed to it at a tender age. Being around various sound systems also helped to cultivate his craft.

recent performance

His greatest career moment to date came from a recent performance in Zurich, Switzerland, in which he was billed alongside international recording artiste I-Octane. After completing his set, Trimma was called back on stage by I-Octane during his set, to go tune for tune.

Said Trimma: "It felt like a dream. For an artiste that I hold in such high esteem to ask me to sing alongside him, tune for tune, its proof of my ability and work that I'm putting in to spread good music. It still feels like a dream".

Trimma is working on his EP and will shoot several videos for soon-to-be released singles. He has been doing music since coming on the scene in 1994 as a part of the Big Ship Label produced group, The Fearless Crew, which saw him performing with the likes of veteran artistes Merciless, Silver Cat and many others.

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