Good Sting, low turnout

December 28, 2015
Anthony Minott Pinchers in action at Sting 2015
Contributed Burro Banton (left) and Major Mackerel
Professor Nuts

Sting 2015 ended abruptly yesterday morning after law-enforcement officers ordered an end to the show following an explicit performance from up-and-coming female dancehall artiste Star Face.

Lacking in sponsorship and top-flight contemporary entertainers, Sting 2015 did not pull a huge youth audience in comparison to previous stagings. However, those patrons who stayed away seemed to have kept the unnecessary drama with them as the show proved to be one of the most peaceful and incident-free Sting in many years.

Iconic recording artistes like Pinchers, Terror Fabulous, Professor Nuts, Major Mackerel, Junior Cat and Burro Banton gave good representations on behalf of the older generation. While Turbulence, Maestro Don, Jahmeil, Raine Seville and Stylysh sought to prove that the new generation could compete while sharing the stage with icons.

Sting is obviously in its rebuilding stage, thus MC Nuffy and the event's organisers noticeably tried their best to filter profane language and hate music from the performances. However, there were those artistes who apparently did not believe that the show and dancehall's image had been hurt enough over the years, and they ignored all regulations and took the decision to continue their onslaught on the homosexual community.

Delinquent artistes like Jigsy King, Ninja Kid and General B were guilty of this offence and were swiftly cautioned by MC Nuffy, who pointed to the small crowd stating that such behaviour was what placed Sting in such a


"We don't have to talk about them, 'low some people, man. That is why the sponsor dem a deal wid wi suh; have some behaviour, man, unno a big man," Nuffy shouted, seemingly annoyed.

When the event concluded at minutes after 6 a.m., recording artistes like Merciless, Gully Bop, Ninja Man, Tanto Blacks, Vershon, among others, were yet to perform. However, patrons left the venue peacefully even while they were complaining about the actions of the police.

"It look like the trouble mekka dem gone wid the mix-up artiste dem weh neva book this year. Because if a one time, a pure bokkle a fling pon dat," one patron told The Star as we exited the venue.

Sting 2015 had no title sponsor.

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