Biggaton, Natty Garth for UK tour


December 29, 2015
Contributed Natty Garth (left) and Biggaton

Natty Garth is looking forward to a bright new year. The Clarendon-born broadcaster, whose real name is Garth Paul Staple, is the host of the independently produced Di Buildas radio show that is aired on Bess FM from 2-6 p.m. on Fridays.

"My show is geared towards community activism and development. I use this programme as a platform to help people to uplift themselves and their communities."

Natty Garth is also a seasoned background vocalist and musician. Over the past two years, he has done background vocals on several recordings for reggae singjay Biggaton.

"I've been working with Biggaton for a while now providing background vocals for him both in the studio and on stage locally. This has been a very wonderful experience. Biggaton is very professional and easy to work with," said Natty Garth.

Natty Garth's background vocals can be heard on songs such as Nah Beg Nuh Friend, Poor Dem a Live On and Stop Child Molesting, all of which will be featured on Biggaton's soon-to-be-released album, 2020 Vision and Beyond.

Natty Garth is scheduled to make a number of international appearances alongside Biggaton in 2016.

"Right now, I am looking forward to my first international tour. I will be performing with Biggaton on a number of shows in the UK during the months of January and February."

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