Doza Medicine likes the Feaky Type


December 29, 2015
Contributed Doza Medicine

Former Portmore Empire standout Doza Medicine is getting a big buzz with his latest single, 'Freaky Type', on the Full House rhythm, generating thousands of views in only a few weeks.

The rhythm is produced by Ainsley 'Notnice' Morris.

"The response has been phenomenal so far, 4,000 to 5,000 hits in only one month, plus the feedback in the Caribbean from disc jockeys, especially in Trinidad, has been good," he said.

The official release date for Full House was in October 2015, but Doza Medicine's song was not included in the first batch, sparking rumours that he and Notnice had parted ways. However, the release of Freaky Type has ended speculation that the two, both former members of the Portmore Empire, had been at odds.

"If you hear a juggling from Notnice and I am not on it, people need to understand it is because ... I chose not to go on that rhythm. But people started a rumour that mi stop voice for Notnice, but me and Notnice nuh have no problem," he said.

Doza Medicine, born Andrew Marlon Cardoza, is known for the singles Fire Squeeze, Stay Focus and Sci Fi Guy that appeared on the Empire Universe Second Chapter album in 2011.

He had been at the centre of a controversy in 2011 when he voiced a single called Mi Lef. After that, Doza had publicised that members of the Gaza camp had been calling his phone in a threatening manner and complaining that he was ''dissing the boss''.

"All that drama is over and done with. Me and everybody good right now," he said.

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