I did not ruin Sting ...says Star Face

December 29, 2015

It is the intention of every performer to leave a lasting impression on his/her fans with every performance, and while up-and-coming dancehall artiste Star Face achieved such a feat at Sting 2015, the manner in which she did this is not one that she intends to celebrate.

Wearing an outfit that left little to the imagination, Star Face had just begun to deliver some rather explicit lyrics to patrons at Jamworld in Portmore, when the police decided to pull the plug on the event. However, instead of taking aim at the police, the enforcers of the sometimes bothersome Noise Abatement Act, several patrons left the venue spewing some rather harsh words at the young artiste, who was performing at Sting for the first time.

"I just want to clear the air because people are blaming me saying I ended Sting. You cannot blame me for that because that was behind my control. The authorities are the ones to be blamed. As it relates to the songs I was performing, the content did not have nothing to do with the show being turned off because Sting is a big people show for 18 years and older," she said.

Sting's publicist, Keona Williams, also refuted claims that Star Face had anything to do with the police's decision to end the show prematurely.

explicit songs

Still, Star Face is adamant that the police, who turned off the show, had an ulterior motive.

"Sting is a show weh keep way over deh so pass the sea weh nobody nuh live, and it's not like I was singing beside kids home and stuff like that. Trust me, something else behind it, maybe a because mi a young artiste.

People before me were doing explicit songs too, so how dem fi a sey a Star Face mash up Mr Laing show?" she questioned, seemingly bothered by the rumours.

In explaining that she was billed to perform earlier on the show, Star Face also had some harsh words for our lawmen and the Jamaican Government.

"Dem need fi give dancehall a break now still. Yu have people who do different types of music, so leave dancehall alone and stop lock off the people dem party man," said Star Face, who paid tribute to former dancehall artiste Lady Saw by doing If Him Lef.

With Sting now behind her, the artiste who was recently signed to overseas-based record label, Konsequence Music, told THE STAR that her Sting experience will now be used as a stepping stone.

"Everything happen for a reason, so mi thank Father God because a whole heap a artiste perform and nobody nah talk bout dem, so am gonna use this for positive movements," Star Face said.

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