Jami Dread for Sound Di Alarm


December 30, 2015
Contributed Jami Dread

Austria-based recording artiste Jami Dread, born Stefan Prieler, will make his reggae performance debut at Sound di Alarm Music Festival tomorrow at the Dinthill Sports Complex in Linstead, St Catherine.

The festival is a celebration in appreciation of the Old Linstead Market and surrounding communities supporting the consciousness of Roots and Culture.

Jami Dread will show his versatility. Jami Dread, who is also a producer and songwriter, started doing reggae music at an early age and has long been a fan of Jamaica's culture. In high school, Jami Dread wrote a 25-page thesis on Jamaican patois.

Jami Dread, with his smooth musical flows and great content, has been making waves in Jamaica with hits such as Privilege, and Better Life among others.

Jami Dread said he is extremely excited to be on Sound di Alarm Music Festival.

"Fans can expect a stellar performance as I'm very excited to perform on such a great show with a line-up like no other and I want to thank my publicist, ZaZa, of ZaZa Communications, for making the link," he said.

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