Radijah delivers at Sting


December 31, 2015

'Rags to Riches' artiste Radijah, delivered a great performance at this year's Sting 2015 concert, showing why he is widely regarded as one of the best new dancehall prospects in the local industry today.

Hitting the stage a few minutes before midnight, he showed great command of his stage as he sang his breakout hit, Walk Like A Dog. Horns echoed through the air, and fire rockets whizzed across the velvet sky as one female dancer went through a series of sexy moves. Then he stopped the band, and spoke to the crowd.

"Stop it, Jamworld, good night. Mi say Rags to Riches till mi dead, big up mi family," he said.

Then the band struck up the rhythm for his next song, and three girls invaded the stage, doing a series of kinetic dance moves while he deejayed the popular Thot Wine. Several torches stabbed at the night sky all over the venue as the crowd enjoyed the sensual spectacle onstage.

Nattily attired in a red vest with black pants, he then introduced his next single by talking about a real-life incident that took place months ago.

"Wah day ya, dem shoot up mi car but tell dem say ... ." he said, before deejaying a new song with the punchline, "bwoy ends get corn up". The 'gangsters' loved the song as the deejay worked every inch of the stage, deejaying with real aggression and energy.

He closed his set with the one-drop song Mama, while the girls onstage skanked and swayed old-school style to the rhythm.

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