Raverz Movement helps St Thomas Infirmary


December 31, 2015

Raverz Movement sound system has been supported over the years by various communities, and entities in St Thomas, and with this has continued to grow.

Founder and CEO Orlando Williams has always put himself and others first so it came natural to give back to the parish in some form. The St Thomas infirmary project, which is in its second year is a standout programme for them.

This is the thought behind an upcoming event which is geared at raising funds for the infirmary. The fundraiser, Raverz Movement's Fashion Icon Cook Out and after Party, is scheduled for January 3, at British Car Wash, Lysons Road, St Thomas. Proceeds of the event will go towards the St Thomas Infirmary.

Mr Williams had this to say: "We started last year and were really pleased with the efforts and we have to continue the work. Raverzs Movements would love to promote awareness of others that every little thing helps, especially in the case of the infirmary, where the less fortunate need help,"Williams said.

He stressed that this allows for the opportunity of various entities in the parish to come together for a worthy cause.

Some of the items donated to the infirmary include food, detergents and adult diapers. Williams took this medium to thank Classic Super Shop, Zone Warrior Entertainment, Rockers Entertainment, Super Care Pharmacy and Rayo Cranberry group for their assistance on this project.

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