Savage sparks Sting crowd


December 31, 2015

Dutty Fridaze recording artiste Savage earned himself major props at Sting 2015 with a composed, high-energy performance that showed that he is one of the top dancehall prospects for the upcoming year.

Savage walked out singing his radio hit, Culu Culu, and got an immediate forward from several girls in the VIP area. He then segued into Bruk Back, where he showcased his unique vocal range, different voices and high-stepped across the stage with great energy.

"Mi a bad man, yu understand, but mi deejay fi the gal dem, gimme a bad riddim mek mi shoot dem up. Vybz Kartel send fi Savage when mi inna Gully Squad, Vybz Kartel big up yuself, yu a de don, some bwoy tattoo dem eye and ah tell lie," he said, before deejaying the single Score.

He then spat some new lyrics while the band mixed him and some fire rockets lit up the night sky. Savage smiled when he saw the reaction.

"Everybody say dem love how me perform and dem never know say ah so mi mad," a pleased Savage said after his performance.

Savage heads to New York next week to do some radio promotions of his singles.

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