That was my first and last Sting - Vershon

December 31, 2015

Dancehall artiste Vershon is today declaring that his inclusion in the 2015 Sting line-up may be his first and last.

The entertainer, who was scheduled to make an appearance on the show on Boxing Day, is upset that he did not get to perform, after the event ended prematurely on Sunday morning. Vershon told THE WEEKEND STAR that although the show ended abruptly, his not performing was due to poor time

management from Sting organisers.

"I arrived at the venue at 2 a.m., and I was scheduled to go on at 4," the entertainer said. "But the stage manager kept pushing back the time. I was then scheduled to go up after Professor Nuts before somebody else came and changed the line-up again, and sent up Stylysh and Star Face, and with the profanity, the police locked it off."

The artiste then went on to apologise to his fans, stating that the situation was beyond his control.

"I am disappointed that I didn't get a chance to perform for my fans, because judging by what is being said on social media right now, they were looking forward to seeing me perform on Sting," he explained. "I just want to apologise to them, but the whole thing was beyond my control. The way mi upset mi feel this a go be my first and last Sting. It was a disaster, and if there is a next time, they need to do better 'cause the dancehall fans a lose confidence inna the show".

When the weekend STAR spoke to Sting's organisers on the matter, they admitted that the show was running a bit behind schedule, but stated that no artiste performed in

anybody else's time slot.

"Star Face was in the segment, 'The Pretty faces of Sting', which was scheduled for 3 a.m. originally. The female segment was to come way ahead of the 'Hotline' segment with Tanto Blacks, Khago and Vershon anyway. So no one can say they (the females) performed in their time," said Supreme Promotions director, Heavy D.

"The females also waited for hours backstage until they got their call. There's no prejudice. We had to put out the females, it would be unfair to scrap them. It's already a male-dominated industry and only a few of them made the line-up."

Heavy D stressed that it was unfortunate that some of the acts did not get a chance to perform, and apologised to patrons and supporters for the mishaps.

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