Jahmeil celebrates 2015’s success

January 04, 2016

Last year will be one that will remain close to the heart of new sensation Jahmiel for many years to come as it marked the most successful of his career.

After several electrifying performances islandwide, the name Jahmiel registered in the music industry for the first time after many attempts.

"Right now, it's all about being consistent in terms of not only finding songs that the people will love, but also ensuring that I prepare myself properly before every performance to ensure that I actually deliver strong performances every single time I touch the stage.

"This is very important to me because I know that when people pay their hard-earned money to see an artiste perform, they expect to get value for money," Jahmiel stated.

Jahmiel received top billing as one of the most anticipated performers in 2015, performing at several events including Sting, Ghetto Splash, and Highgate Splash.The artiste told The STAR that he is humbled by success.

"I did several shows in this year. Almost every single weekend I was onstage somewhere, and the media showed much love, for which I am grateful and humbled. I am not in anyway nervous about it because I am well prepared and focused," he said.

Jahmiel is enjoying chart-topping success with his breakout single Gain The World, which is currently enjoying prime placement on the coveted Entertainment Report chart alongside Alkaline's Champion Boy hit.

Jahmiel is also awaiting the release of his new video for the single Where Am I Gonna Be, set to be directed by Karl Durrant.

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