Britain removes homosexual scene from popular cartoon Steven Universe

January 05, 2016

Cartoon Network UK has censored a scene from the popular cartoon Steven Universe to make it less gay, a move which has angered many people around the world.


The scene that was censored shows two female characters, Pearl and Rose Quartz dancing together intimately.

But the UK network altered the scene, replacing  the more intimate moments of the dance with frames of a male character’s face.


Since then, 'Steven Universe' has been trending on the internet as many have been bashing the UK calling the censorship unnecessary.


Protestors have opened a petition against the censorship on which has already been signed by over two thousand people.


The group claims that the UK has double standards because they have not censored the heterosexual scenes in the video.


"The same episode ('We Need to Talk') has plenty of hetero dancing and kissing, so it looks like they're censoring this because it's two women," the supporters wrote on








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