British media turns up heat on Chris Gayle amid recent controversy

January 06, 2016
Chris Gayle

A UK based media has labelled Jamaican and West Indies cricket star Chris Gayle as a party boy with a sex focused life following backlash surrounding his comments to reporter Mel McLaughlin recently.

THE STAR understands these references to the cricketer were made after the British media, revisited posts made to Gayle’s Instagram and Twitter accounts and in light of other female journalists accusing the embattled athlete of using sleazy remarks towards them.

According to, The cricketer who made a pass at a female television reporter live on air has a history of crude remarks, a 'strip club' in his home and a mirror above his bed for watching 'hanky panky'.

Long before he angered journalist Mel McLaughlin with his 'don't blush baby' one-liner on Monday, it was clear former West Indies skipper Chris Gayle spends much of his time thinking about sex and parties.

The Daily Mail also said, the notorious party-boy's Twitter and Instagram pages are littered with photographs of bikini babes frolicking by the pool and packed with references to him 'shagging' and being a 'player'.

Meanwhile, Gayle’s behaviour has provoked strong reactions online.

Some have supported him, saying that his comments were clearly a joke.

However, others have condemned him as a sexist.

Gayle has since apologised about the incident with McLaughlin but also said that he thought the backlash had been "out of proportion".

The Cricketer was also fined by his club Melbourne Renegades $AUD10,000 (US$7,100), (JMD$ 860,000) for his remarks. 

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