Dadre Coleman promotes Designer Wine

January 06, 2016
Dadre Coleman

Reggae/dancehall artiste Dadre Coleman was recently in Jamaica promoting her single 'Designer Wine'. The single is produced by David McFarlane of Queste Productions and has been getting favourable attention on radio.

Coleman is based in the US and says she spent her time in Jamaica party-hopping to events like Uptown Mondays, Weddy Weddy Wednesdays, among others, in an attempt to get Jamaicans familiar with the song.

Designer Wine is also a featured in the upcoming Jamaican movie, Designer Wine, as the title track. The movie will be released this year and was produced by Rohan 'Federal' Gracie.

The single also won Irish and Chin's Buss My Tune competition recently and will be distributed by the popular sound clash promoters.

"The song has been doing well; it is already on iTunes. We are promoting it in Europe and we are getting plays in the dancehall and on radio. The video is also on the European video count down chart and we are also doing well in Canada. I have been getting positive responses on social media as well. however, some persons felt that I should have filmed the video in Jamaica so that I could get some more authentic dancers in the mix," Coleman said.

Dadre Coleman also

dabbles with soca and is gearing up to perform at several Caribbean islands in the carnival season. She is known for soca efforts like My Wicked Man and Chase The Cat.

"Designer Wine should be supported because it's authentic and represents dancehall as well as Jamaica's dancing passion. Remember to follow me on social media; everything is under Dadre Coleman," she said.

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