Maure Sting performance from Teetz


January 06, 2016

Dancehall star Rickey Teetz wowed the audience at Sting 2015 with a mature and professional performance at Jamworld Portmore, St. Catherine.

Dressed in white sneakers, white jeans and a red blazer, he hit the stage at about 11:38 p.m, and launched into 'Physically'. He covered every inch of the stage, deejaying for females in the VIP area, who danced and watched his every more.

He then segued neatly into Lighter, interjecting the name of late dancehall star J Capri.

"If you have ever lost someone or poured liquor on a tomb...see you on the other side," Rickey Teetz said as he launched into Lighters in the Air, while firecrackers exploded and horns sounded in the cold night air.

He closed his set with Poverty Life, declaring his humble beginnings, growing up in rural Jamaica.

"Sting ah poor-people show, yu know bout dumpling and butter, and mackerel?" he asked to loud cheers.

He performed Poverty Life, prancing across the stage. At one point, he sat on the speakers as he delivered the song. The crowd gave him a generous round of applause as he exited the stage.

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