Ganggoolie amps up 'A Wah' promotion


January 08, 2016

Spanish Town recording artiste Ganggoolie has an uncanny knack for coming up with singalong hooks that rock dancehall crowds

The deejay's latest single, A Wah, released on the DJ Sky Records label, is one such effort with an infectious chorus that can excite the party-crazy dancehall crowd.

"Mi a get a great buzz in the streets with the song on IRIE, Suncity Radio, Roots and RJR. Big up to Gary G, Digital Chris and DJ Bryan from IRIE, who ah give it a strength.

Mi a get a good buzz at dances inna Spanish Town, pure money pull up. The feedback is so great that we plan to do a video for it this month," he said.

Ganggoolie has inked a recording deal with Canadian independent label, Marvelous Entertainment.

"This move is going to finally propel Ganggoolie to the mainstream," he said.

Ganggolie returned to Jamaica after a successful tour of Canada where he performed in five cities. The tour was Ganggoolie's first Canadian tour.

"It was an experience, three weeks in the bitter cold of Canada, but the love from the fans really warmed me up, especially the white people who love dancehall music," he said.

Last year Ganggoolie made national waves with his hit, Muscle Wine, followed by the hilariously inventive Donkey Kick, which also spawned a dance of the same name. He embarked on a promotional tour of the US earlier this year.

Ganggoolie, once known as Hitlist, aka The Sheriff, scored a big hit with Please Stop The Killing in 2005 and became a protege of deejay Bounty Killer.

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