Devon House Ice Cream among top ten in the world

January 11, 2016

Jamaica has a reputation of giving the world the best in areas like athletics, food, music, scenery and ice cream.


Yes! Jamaica's Devon House Ice Cream comes in at number 4 on National Geographic Traveler's list of top places to eat ice cream in the world.


The list states the names and locations of the 10 ice cream hotspots and also gives a brief description of the unique ice cream flavours they offer.


"The 27 flavors run a broad gamut from traditional cherry and pistachio to exotic island treats like mango, coconut, and soursop. There is even an offbeat, beer-based ice cream called Devon Stout," the article said of Devon House Ice Cream.


National Geographic also had a lot of praises for the Devon House grounds, stating that the main house "is a masterpiece of Caribbean Victorian architecture."


The top three ice cream locations on the list are in the United States but locations in Argentina, Japan, Italy and Australia were also recognised.








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