Voicenotes dissing Kartel are real - Alkaline alleged ghost-writer claims


January 11, 2016
file Kasanova

The recent release of voice-notes, which appear to be a conversation between dancehall artiste Alkaline and his former ghostwriter-artiste, Kasanova, has been leaked and has been doing the rounds on the worldwide web.

The voice-notes, which were recorded in 2014, see both Kasanova and Alkaline having discussions about Vybz Kartel and the Gaza Empire, as well as money owed to Kasanova for songs he wrote for Alkaline.

Alkaline has been accused of disrespecting Vybz Kartel in the voice-notes by stating that he would take Kartel's place in the dancehall. This did not go down well with Kasanova as he believed Alkaline was being ungrateful.

"We actually discussed it and say we were going to say we ah gwaan run off the place till Vybz Kartel return," he said. "We are huge Kartel fans. We have always been, but he switched it up and said he is going to 'morph' into the new Kartel and take his place, and that caused a big friction with me because it never feel right."

Since the voice-notes surfaced, people have been speculating about its authenticity, but Kasanova confirmed that the audio is real. He seemed surprised that they had surfaced and denied leaking them.

"I didn't leak them," he said. "People are speculating that it came from one of Alkaline's old phones which he said he had lost in a locker room, or maybe it was someone who had access to his phone who leaked the voice-notes."

best friends

When asked if these revelations stemmed from the bitterness over the money Alkaline allegedly owed him, Kasanova said: "No, I am not bitter. This is just part of life. We were best friends growing up, but I cut the link when I realised that he let the hype get to him."

A representative from Alkaline's camp decline to comment when contacted by the STAR. The whole saga has sent the social media world into a frenzy and a verbal war has begun. Fans of Alkaline, Vybz Kartel and Kasanova have been at loggerheads. Gaza fans have been supporting Kasanova because of the respect he has shown for the incarcerated deejay and have lashed out at Alkaline for being ungrateful. Vendetta fans have thrown their support behind their deejay and have been hitting back at those supporting Kasanova.

Kasanova, whose real name is Aeriel McIntosh, and Alkaline both attended Ardenne High School together. Another artiste, Kranical, was also part of their crew. Late last year, he too came out with claims that he was betrayed by the Champion Boy artiste.

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